Search Transactions

The Search Transactions page provides many options to look for transactions. The transactions that match your search criteria are displayed in table format.

Searching for Transactions

To access the Search Transactions page, click the Search Transaction tab.

  1. For Search By, select the criteria you want to use to search for the transaction. You have the following options:

  2. Depending on your Search By selection, enter the related information in the next field, such as the Transaction ID or Batch ID number.

  3. For the Date Range, select an option from the drop-down menu, or specify the custom date range in the From and To fields.

  4. Specify the Time Zone for your search time.

  5. In the Transaction Mode field, specify whether to display Live or Test transactions.

  6. If you want to download your search results, click the radio button next to Download Results and select a format you would like to download the results in. You have the following options: ASCII Text and ASCII Text with Headings. The ASCII format enables you to import the data to a spreadsheet or to an accounting or reconciliation application. The ASCII Text with Headings format displays headings for your results.

  7. Click Submit to search for the transaction you specified.