PayPal Report

PayPal Settlement Summary report enables you to view a collection of daily PayPal settlement information over a specified period of time.

Generating a PayPal Settlement Summary Report

To access the PayPal Settlement Summary Report page, navigate to Reports -> Standard -> PayPal Reports.

  1. PayPal Manager enables you to save commonly used reports as templates. This enables you to run the saved reports without having to specify the settings each time.

If you want to save this report as a template so that you can use it again, enter a name for this report template in the Save Template As field. If this is a template you are editing, then the name specified earlier will appear here.

  1. Specify a Date Range for the report.

  2. Specify the Time Zone for your search time.

  3. If you want to download your search results, click on the radio box next to Download Report, and select a Format from the drop-down menu. You have the following options:

  4. To generate the report, you have the following options: