About Recurring Billing Service

This page is available only if you have signed up for Recurring Billing Service. Recurring Billing Service is not available to CyberCash users.

PayPal's Recurring Billing Service is a scheduled payment solution that enables you to automatically bill your customers at regular intervals—for example, a monthly fee of $42 for 36 months with an initial fee of $129.

To configure a customer to be automatically billed on a schedule, you define a recurring billing profile for that customer. The profile specifies the credit card account to bill, the associated contact information, the amount to charge each time, the payment period (monthly, weekly, and so on), and the term (the number of payments) of the agreement.

When you submit the data, PayPal generates the new profile, activates it, and automatically performs the billing on the specified schedule. As time goes on, the profile stores the configuration information that you supplied and the transaction and payment history for the account. When the customer has made all scheduled payments, the profile is mature and no further transactions occur.

When defining the profile, you have the option to perform an initial transaction that differs from the recurring transaction. For example, you can perform a no-charge transaction that validates the account information or one to charge an initial fee. In addition, you can specify how to handle declined transactions.

You are responsible for receiving a written agreement between your customer and yourself before beginning the Recurring Billing payment period.

Using PayPal Manager, you can perform the following tasks: