NOP Design E-commerce Shopping Cart

NOP Design E-commerce Shopping Cart

This complete, simple to use shopping cart is easy to implement on almost any site. All that is required is pasting in the source code on every page that you can purchase products from, and on the final checkout page.


  • Downloadable cart solution
  • Client-side scripting – no CGI required
  • Secure servers with CGI or PHP supported if available
  • Multiple product pages – no limits
  • Product quantity selection
  • Complete 'Manage Cart' page
  • Product ID, Name/Description, and amounts passed
  • Shipping costs
  • Multiple Additional information fields (ie. color, size, etc) – Enhanced in version 4.4
  • Regional Tax Costs – New version 4.3
  • Configurable for almost every currency type
  • Minimum order, configure a minimum purchase amount before users are allowed to checkout – New version 4.3
  • 19 languages supported
  • ASP and PHP compatible
  • Custom modules for Windows/Linux native


  • Express Checkout
  • Website Payments Pro

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