Custom Filter Examples

Below are some examples of the more common Custom Filters. You can fine-tune these with your unique business rules to comply with your organization's acceptable risk levels.

  1. Custom Order Profile - Your industry, business, or even your company may have potential fraud situations unique to your organization. Identify these risks by combining the current transaction filters. Additionally, you can reduce transactions held for review by identifying the high-risk transactions that trigger more than one filter and ignoring those that trigger only one filter.

One of the most common uses of a Custom Filter is screening transactions for fraudulent use of credit card account numbers. Fraudsters who have access to an account number but no further account information typically fail address and card security code verification. Although a legitimate cardholder may mistype information and get one of these incorrect, both checks failing indicates a need for closer review. The following Custom Filter screens transactions and holds the transaction for review if both the AVS Failure AND the Card Security Code Failure filters are triggered.

  1. Product Profiles - Some products are attractive targets to fraudsters for their resale value (or other reason), while others are not. Use Custom Filters and the Product Watch List to hold certain products (such as computers or televisions) when a large number are found in a single order. You can also set up Custom Filters to ignore low-profile products (such as pens or staplers). For example:

When defining the Product Watch List, include the high-value products that fraudsters target. When defining the Total Item Ceiling, set an amount that is more than the usual amount for legitimate orders.

This Custom Filter will hold a transaction for review if the items ordered match the items specified in your Product Watch List (for example, your cutting-edge computer product line) AND the number of items ordered is over the amount specified (for example, five). With this Custom Filter, you can carefully review orders for multiple units of high-end items (that are not typically purchased in multiple amounts) and ignore orders for individual units.

  1. International Custom Filters - Tracking down and overturning fraudulent sales can be very difficult once products are shipped or funds are incorrectly transferred. Custom Filters can be used to review international orders that also include other signs to watch for, such as high purchase or item amounts.

This Custom Filter will hold a transaction for review if the total monetary amount of the order is over the amount specified AND the transaction triggers one (or more) of the three international filters specified. With this Custom Filter, you can review orders with an international source OR international destination if the total price is over a certain amount, while ignoring any low-value international order.